The Role of Family in Drug Addiction Recovery

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The Role of Family in Drug Addiction Recovery

They say that substance abuse is a family disease. When one gets addicted to alcohol, or any substance, it can impact other members. When one suffers, the others suffer as well-living under the same roof as a drug addict makes it hard for others to live normally. Thus, they unknowingly develop specific roles causing adverse effects. So this family’s role in addiction creates a dysfunctional system. Let us talk about it and see how we can lead the whole family to recovery.

Family Roles In Addiction: The Unhealthy System

  1. Addict: This is the apparent reason and source of all conflict within the family. They are the ones who overload themselves with alcohol as a means to survive. They lie, steal, and cheat. They are good at manipulating to get what they want.
  2. Enabler: This is the protector of the addict. They try to make excuses for the behavior of the addict. They are the ones who bail them out of jail. In return, they neglect their own well-being to protect the addict.
  3. Mascot: This is the one who wants to reduce negativity in the home by cracking jokes. He or she uses humor to survive, but deep inside, they are fearful and vulnerable.
  4. Scapegoat: They tend to under perform and cause problems. Thus, being blamed for all the family’s issues. He or she suffers the impact of the family’s anger and diverts attention from the addict.
  5. Lost Child: This is the quiet one who gets lost in the middle. Being lost in a mess, he or she tends to have trouble socializing and developing relationships with others.
  6. Hero: This is the one who controls what’s happening inside the home. They tend to work harder to compensate for the negative things around them. As a result, he or she is highly susceptible to stress, depression, and anxiety attacks.

Family Roles In Addiction Recovery: The Healthy System

The role of the family in addiction recovery is the ultimate source of strength. Despite developing a dysfunctional system inside the home, family members can always choose to play “healthy” roles to encourage positive behavior. This positive behavior can then lead towards positive support, and later on, positive recovery. While it is normal to feel helpless and angry, family plays the most significant role in healing.

How? Family members need to be firm enough to correct the wrongdoings and have the same power to encourage the addicted member to walk towards full recovery – physically, mentally, and spiritually. Family members need to understand that there is no overnight solution or quick-fix remedy for addiction. Family members need to walk hand-in-hand and work with their commitment from start to end.

  1. Involving the entire family in a member’s recovery plays an integral part in its success. The whole family may attend family therapy and join family support groups.
  2. Family therapy helps repair the damage brought about by addiction. It strengthens the communication between family members and the addicts. It enables a better understanding that substance or alcohol addiction is a chronic disorder. When each member understands what the addict is going through, it is much easier to accompany them through the healing process.
    Social support can be gathered through a network of friends who can help minimize the feeling of being alone.

Importance Of Family Support In Recovery

There is no greater support you can receive than what your own family can give you. The role of the family in addiction recovery is as important as providing a “new hope” to the one who lost it.

Family education is an effective key to healing. It is crucial to understand that addiction is a progressive disorder. Each family member plays a vital role in the continuity of recovery even after successful treatment. The family needs to maintain an alcohol-free environment and create a light, stable, and happy atmosphere at home. This way, the addict may avoid relapse.

In any substance abuse and path towards complete healing requires unconditional love from family. When you give love unconditionally, it returns the favor of healing.

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