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“The teaching of the wise is a Fountain of Life, turning a person from the snares of death.”
Proverbs 13:14 NIV



Individual Healing

Break free from the bondage of drugs and alcohol through the support of professionals who care for you.

Addiction can affect anyone. It causes people to lose control over their actions and makes daily living more difficult. In the United States alone, more than 23 million citizens, from adolescents to seniors, struggle with substance abuse. This percentage of people dependent on drugs and alcohol has a high risk of acquiring serious health conditions.

More than putting a toll on a person's physical health, addiction also triggers and increases the risk for underlying mental health disorders. Chronic use of drugs and alcohol can alter brain function and lead to anxiety, depression, and aggression. Over time, alcohol and drug abuse affects and changes how users live, see themselves, and relate to others. This makes addiction recovery a challenging journey.

At Haven House Recovery Center, we understand the difficulty of acknowledging and overcoming addiction. We offer a 12-month, faith-based addiction treatment program to help addicts find hope and achieve long-term sobriety.

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Who We Are

Since 1998, Haven House Recovery Center has successfully supported men from all walks of life to break free from the bondage of addiction. Our rehab treatment involves a 12-step, Christ-based program designed to help residents find their purpose in life, restore their faith in God, and build a strong relationship with Him while addressing their substance use disorder.

We follow a substance abuse treatment program that consists of biblical principles and life skills training. Aside from providing a safe place for drug and alcohol dependents to find hope and encouragement, we also provide recovering addicts with opportunities to learn new skills and essential life values that can help them become contributing members of their community.

What Matters To Us

At Haven House Recovery Center, our drug and alcohol rehab is rooted in our belief that God’s unfailing grace and unconditional love have the power to overcome every barrier to recovery. For this reason, we provide a treatment program that focuses on faith and spiritual healing.

We want our residents to live a life of purpose and consistently work on their sobriety goals even after leaving our recovery facility. As such, we design a treatment plan that allows all individuals to change their lives for the better by providing work opportunities and reinforcing relapse prevention.

What We Do

At our rehab center, we help residents address their physical, mental, and spiritual needs. We highlight the importance of support, self-awareness, accountability, and interpersonal relationships in maintaining lifelong sobriety and achieving complete recovery from substance abuse.  

We know that every resident has a unique story, so we approach addiction and the mental health issues it causes from an understanding and compassionate perspective. Our programs at our addiction treatment center are tailored to our residents’ lifestyles, medical history, and personal needs.

How We Do It

We use different approaches to facilitate a smooth and effective transition into sobriety. Before developing any treatment program, we assess and identify the potential root cause of addiction and co-occurring disorders, such as depression, anxiety, eating disorder, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia.

At our rehab center, our personalized treatment program includes:

1. Clinical Treatment Intervention

We recognize the critical importance of medical intervention to any form of addiction recovery. Intervention may include drug detoxification, psychological examination, behavioral therapy, and withdrawal symptom management. We also make sure that our facility adheres to the highest standard of clinical care to deliver safe, dynamic, and comfortable treatment procedures.

2. Biblical Treatment Approach

Spiritual growth is a significant focus in our rehab program. For this reason, we provide a commonplace for scripture reading, discussion, reflection, and meditation. At our rehab center, we also host regular religious services to help our residents restore and strengthen their faith in God. We help everyone realize that lifelong sobriety is achievable with the help of God Almighty.

3. Life Skills Training

We help recovering addicts realize that they’re capable of making an impact in their lives. We help them discover effective ways to live without alcohol and drugs as part of their identity. We provide opportunities for our residents to work at our thrift store, so they can also learn to cope with addiction triggers in a healthy and purposeful way. We believe that life skills training is one of the best preparations for lifelong sobriety.

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Haven House Recovery

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People are working to break free from addiction through the power of Christ at Haven House Mission discipleship program! You can help!

Haven House Recovery

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Haven House Recovery

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Begin your journey to recovery through our faith-based alcohol and drug rehab program.

Haven House Recovery Center offers a spiritual treatment program for men struggling with alcohol and drug abuse. Our treatment plan doesn’t only help manage symptoms of addiction, but it also heals all the spiritual, mental, and emotional wounds created by substance abuse. Reach out to us and find hope, solace, and comfort as you overcome addiction.