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“The teaching of the wise is a Fountain of Life, turning a person from the snares of death.”
Proverbs 13:14 NIV



How We Do It

Phase I – 6 months

Our curriculum incorporates all vital recovery aspects of biblical spirituality and the 12-step model. After completing the 12 steps of recovery, Phase I residents are eligible for phone, internet, mail, and home-pass privileges. All Phase 1 residents work at our thrift shops, where the focus is on teamwork, consistency, and integrity. This environment provides residents with the opportunity to learn a multitude of interpersonal and work-related skills. They are trained in all aspects of the operation of the thrift stores. From furniture sales and warehouse managers to cashiers and dispatchers to our residents, everyone is being trained for their lives after Haven House. Haven House staff guide residents in all areas of the workplace, focusing on the importance of each member and their contribution to the whole.

Residents will receive a certification of completion after Phase 1.

Phase II – Months 7-9

Phase II residents will be given more responsibilities within the community to further develop and understand leadership skills. Some of these activities include leading classes, directing morning prayer and meditation, taking a leadership role on outings, and many other opportunities. Off-campus activities, including 12-step meetings and volunteer work, are mandatory in Phase II and are intended to build and foster positive relationships within the community. The recovery curriculum for Phase II will be at an advanced level, teaching residents how to be responsible in all aspects of life. This includes credit, saving and budgeting finances, and planning for the future.

Residents will receive a graduation certificate during ceremonial graduation.

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Phase III – Months 10-12

In the last phase, graduates will have two options:

1) Phase-Out

The Phase-Out program offers graduates an opportunity to work, share, and save through our Give Back Program.

Graduates in the 3-month (extensions are available) Phase-Out program have the opportunity to secure employment and save money for their own residences. Once employed, graduate residents contribute $600.00 monthly to cover their share of expenses. Haven House Addiction Recovery has strong relationships with many successful local small businesses. These relationships allow us the opportunity to assist our men in finding supportive employment. These employment opportunities will look to create self-sufficient income, room for advancement, and work environments conducive to sobriety.

Graduate residents in the Give Back Program are expected to do just what the title of the program says—give back. We expect our residents to give back to Haven House Addiction Recovery by being attentive, supportive, and encouraging to our new residents. We want our advanced residents to share their experiences, strength, and hope; leading by example and sharing their Haven House experiences are vital to vulnerable newcomers.

Now it’s Haven House Addiction Recovery’s turn to give back. If our graduate resident in the Give Back Program has participated fully at the end of the Phase-Out Program, as he moves to his new home, Haven House Addiction Recovery will give back (in full) their $600.00 monthly contribution. This gives the graduate resident $1,800.00 (or more) for a fresh start in their new life!

2) Internship

The internship provides the intern with the opportunity to learn more about themselves through honing their interpersonal skills while working with the residents. Under supervision, interns will be exposed to all levels of our daily operations, as well as learn and practice other aspects of recovery, such as facilitating recovery meetings.

Individual Healing

Who We Are & What We Do

Since 1998, Haven House Addiction Recovery has successfully supported men breaking free from the chains of addiction. Our treatment combines a Christ-centered, 12-step model designed to restore faith, renew purpose, and reconciliate relationships in the lives of residents.

We provide a unique recovery environment through Haven House Thrift Shops. Residents are trained in all aspects of the operation and have a tangible means to apply the spiritual principles taught in the workplace.

Along with a new way of life comes a new network of people. Getting plugged into the community is vital to recovery. We provide volunteer and networking opportunities for our residents so that goals are achieved through a strong support system.

Why Choose Haven House Addiction Recovery

Addiction is no discriminator of persons. No matter the demographic, addiction in America is increasing at an alarming rate—more than 23 million citizens struggle with substance abuse.

Addiction has no boundaries; it affects everyone involved and every aspect of life. Socially, families are devastated and relationships ruined. Spiritually, the addict is rendered bankrupt. The physical, mental, and emotional toll brings the individual suffering to a breaking point.

Haven House Addiction Recovery stands at that breaking point, meeting the addict and family at that place of desperation when help is most needed.

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Your donations to our thrift stores support addiction recovery. Please schedule a pick-up for your items today.

At Haven House Addiction Recovery, our three-phase, 12-month, faith-based approach provides the greatest opportunity for recovery. We combine an aggressive spiritual approach with the necessary physical, mental, and emotional care, affording our residents a new way of life.

The structure of Haven House Addiction Recovery accelerates recovery and maximizes your time spent on our campus. Haven House Addiction Recovery’s structure emphasizes and addresses the different stages of recovery, equipping residents with the required tools, and our recovery network helps residents establish a successful future.

Haven House Addiction Recovery is a place where hard work is complimented with recreation and activities. With over two decades of experience, Haven House Addiction Recovery offers residents complete work in their recovery and an abundant lifestyle.

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Haven House Addiction Recovery

Haven House Recovery

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People are working to break free from addiction through the power of Christ at Haven House Mission discipleship program! You can help!

Haven House Recovery

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Haven House Recovery

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Begin your journey to recovery through our faith-based alcohol and drug rehab program.

Haven House Recovery Center offers a spiritual treatment program for men struggling with alcohol and drug abuse. Our treatment plan doesn’t only help manage symptoms of addiction, but it also heals all the spiritual, mental, and emotional wounds created by substance abuse. Reach out to us and find hope, solace, and comfort as you overcome addiction.