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Discover faith based addiction recovery with Haven House Recovery Center’s trusted addiction treatment near Clarksville.

For nearly 22 years now, Haven House has been helping men recover from alcohol and drug addiction. Haven House provides Christ-centered programs for addiction recovery near Clarksville, throughout America and internationally. Our approach utilizes spiritual, mental and physical recovery methods. We focus on faith in God and use this faith to help individuals overcome addiction.    

Benefits Offered by a Faith-Based Approach to Addiction Recovery

Faith and religion are two important factors that should never be overlooked as the basis for addiction recovery programs. Faith and religion play a vital role in addiction recovery by helping mend the physical, social, mental, and emotional wounds associated with addiction.

Here is how our faith-based alcohol and drug rehab near Clarksville, TN, can benefit you:

1. Decreased Risk of Relapse

According to the results of a study published in the Journal of Religion and Health, faith plays a big role in addiction recovery. It reduces the risk of relapse and helps people maintain life-long abstinence.

Researchers found that 82% of recovery center residents who experienced a spiritual awakening while in addiction treatment stayed sober a year after graduating from addiction rehab.

Often, drug relapse is a result of isolation, loneliness, and negative emotions. With a faith-based approach to recovery, these factors are addressed through appropriate Biblical teachings.

Our addiction recovery programs emphasize God’s love and show recipients that they are never forgotten or unloved by God. The recovery programs help people realize that God’s love is the one constant that can always be relied upon. God’s love is always there to guide them through the pitfalls of life and help them resist the temptation to relapse.  

When you partake in our alcohol and drug rehab near Clarksville, TN, you’ll realize how God’s love conquers all things. You’ll see that alcohol and drugs aren’t the way to get through your negative thoughts.

2. Reduced Likelihood of Developing Anxiety

The findings of a review article published in the International Journal of Depression and Anxiety suggest that a strong faith in God directly correlates with reduced anxiety.

Religion, in general, can decrease the risk of developing anxiety, and with our faith-based alcohol and drug rehab near Clarksville, TN, you’ll be exposed to Bible studies, religious gatherings, worship sessions, and fellowship.

Our recovery programs are specifically designed to renew and bolster your faith in God. When you don’t have trust and confidence in the Lord, you are more likely to think about negative thoughts and experiences which can trigger anxiety.

3. Accountability and Support

The Haven House recovery programs provide peer accountability and support, two critical factors if your recovery from addiction is to be successful. You will face accountability and receive support from a group of like-minded peers who share similar experiences with addiction.

The Haven House faith-based alcohol rehab near Clarksville, TN, recovery program offers residents a chance to partake in regular fellowships with other residents. During these fellowship meetings, residents get together and share positive stories about success and change. 

4. Healthy Coping Skills

When you go to a faith-based drug and alcohol rehab in Clarksville, TN, you’ll learn new methods to maintain long term abstinence. Long-term abstinence is a benefit that is rarely gained from only taking medications.  

Some of the healthy coping skills you’ll acquire from the Haven House faith based recovery programs, include:

  • Learning how to stay relaxed and calm in different situations.
  • Learning how to be happy and accept and overcome difficulties
  • Learning how to be honest with yourself and confront your personal weaknesses
  • Learning to see the beauty in the world around you and be grateful for God’s blessings. 

With our faith-based drug and alcohol rehab near Clarksville, TN, you’ll also learn how to respond to negative situations through the help of God’s word. The scriptures, along with God’s love, will be your guide everyday.

5. Holistic Life Changes

Many people in recovery centers feel a sense of helplessness and they think that because of their addiction, they cannot initiate positive change in their lives. When you partake in the faith-based programs offered by our recovery center near Clarksville, TN, you learn that it’s never too late to accept God, change your habits, and change your life.

God’s word will help you realize that anything is possible as long as you have faith. A faith-based addiction recovery plan will teach you the things you need to learn in order to live a new life.

How We Approach Recovery

Addiction is a complex problem that is rooted in physical, spiritual, and emotional causes. Substance abuse causes psychological wounds for individuals and entire families. At Haven House, we believe that miracles happen, and through faith, wounds can be healed and lives transformed.

Recovery from addiction is never easy but with faith in God and help from genuinely concerned people it is certainly possible. 

At our recovery center near Clarksville, TN, the recovery programs emphasize the power of God’s word and show how the Holy Spirit can be a beacon of light that guides you through the darkest times. Our classes and group meetings instill Biblical teachings to strengthen people’s faith.

Our drug and alcohol rehab near Clarksville, TN, features a 12-month, faith based recovery program. This 12 month period gives Haven House residents enough time to heal completely and think about who they can be without depending on alcohol and drugs. This program helps participants create a real and meaningful connection with God.

All Haven House programs are based around fellowship and work therapy.

Residents can share with others their struggles with addiction in a comfortable and safe setting, that plays a vital role in the journey to sobriety. Participants develop a sense of camaraderie which gives them reassurance and comfort.

Working in thrift stores is common practice for Haven House residents. This work therapy helps them develop new skills and teaches them the importance of patience, discipline, hard work, and teamwork. The opportunity likewise helps them become functioning and contributing members of their families and society.

Why Choose Haven House Recovery Center's Addiction Treatment Near Clarksville

Our alcohol and drug rehab near Clarksville, TN, welcomes everyone no matter what their religious beliefs. Our staff is very accommodating and open-minded. They will not try to force their religious beliefs on you, but rather they will prove by example how Christ and faith can help overcome addiction.

At our recovery centers, our teams are passionate about helping those struggling with addiction, and helping them heal and restore stability in their lives. We are dedicated to spreading the message that recovery is possible, regardless of who you are or how bad your addiction is.

From the moment we opened in 1998, our center for addiction recovery near Clarksville has been one of the most trusted centers for permanent recovery from addiction. Our addiction recovery center has successfully developed different programs tailored to the variety of residents’ needs. Over time, we have also welcomed and said goodbye to countless men who now live a life free from the influence of drugs and alcohol.

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