Addiction Recovery Center

Regain a meaningful life free from substance and alcohol dependence through a faith-based recovery program.

Drug and alcohol addiction is a chronic health condition that can take a toll on a person’s mental, physical, social, and spiritual life. It can transform healthy, loving people into weak, lonely shadows of their former selves. Addiction can also tear families and friendships apart.

The good thing you need to know is that recovery is never out of reach, even if the impact of addiction is devastating. The journey to recovery may take a long time, but with proper treatment and support, anyone can overcome addiction and achieve lifelong sobriety.

At Haven House Recovery Center, we believe that one critical element that’s necessary when fighting addiction and bringing change to people’s lives is faith. Our addiction treatment center follows a 12-step recovery program that integrates spiritual teaching with medical intervention.

Our certified spiritual advisors and experts work hand in hand to help residents achieve successful addiction recovery. We offer a warm and safe place for men struggling with addiction to find comfort and encouragement as they break bondage from substance and alcohol abuse.

Why Choose a Faith-Based Addiction Recovery Center

The most challenging step towards recovery is recognizing that addiction is a problem. It is normal to feel uncertain about when to start your recovery or which treatment programs will best work for your health, lifestyle, and goals. What matters most is that you are willing to overcome your addiction.

At Haven House Recovery Center, our compassionate team is with you in every step of your recovery. We believe that faith is a powerful tool that can improve different aspects of your life as you complete your goal of achieving long-term sobriety. Rebuilding your relationship with God offers meaningful advantages, such as:

1. Guidance During Recovery

The next big step to addiction recovery is carving a new path towards a positive and healthy lifestyle. Letting go of your former, destructive life can be challenging. However, with a faith-based recovery program, you can find the confidence and guidance to come to terms with the new direction you have to take.

At Haven House Recovery Center, we encourage transformative change through scriptural teachings and hands-on supervision. Our recovery center for addiction treatment provides residents with complete guidance and directs their thoughts away from substance abuse.

2. Emotional Wellness

Once men in recovery create a sense of urgency to recover, there are still things that can trigger relapses. Failure to follow their program and disappointment can trigger negative emotions, such as anger, depression, loneliness, and anxiety. When not managed properly, these emotions may lead to impulsive substance and alcohol use.

Haven House Recovery Center understands that emotional wellness and stability are necessary to cope with stressful situations during recovery. Our addiction rehabilitation center uses a biblical approach to help residents handle negative emotions and find solace in the presence of God.

3. Relapse Prevention

While the possibility of relapse is usual during recovery, the most crucial step is knowing how to get back on track and maintain long-term abstinence. A 2019 study found that a faith-based approach encourages men in recovery to remain sober by addressing the root causes of relapse.

At Haven House Recovery Center, we help our residents overcome the temptations of returning to alcohol and substance abuse. Our addiction recovery center offers relapse prevention and withdrawal symptom management programs to build our residents’ confidence in their ability to maintain life-long sobriety.

4. Holistic Life Changes

Many men in recovery believe that abstinence is the only thing needed to recover from addiction. However, recovering entails a whole lot of other factors, including implementing a routine and some changes in the social, emotional, and physical aspects of their lives.

At our faith-based addiction treatment center, we expose our residents to the Word of God through regular bible studies, worship sessions, and religious training. We help them see life from a different perspective. We help them realize that changing their lifestyle and behavior is possible through the help of our all-powerful God.

Why Choose Haven House Recovery Center

Haven House Recovery Center has been helping men from all walks of life overcome drug and alcohol addiction since 1998. Our 20 years’ worth of experience allows us to develop the most effective strategies and treatment programs personalized to our residents’ health status, lifestyle, and recovery goals.

Our addiction rehabilitation center is a safe and comfortable space for men to find a sense of community and an outlet to share their struggles and experiences. We believe that relationships with like-minded peers are the best way to draw encouragement to finish their recovery program and begin living a life of purpose.

Our Approach to Addiction Recovery

At Haven House Recovery Center, we firmly believe that integrating faith and spirituality with other recovery programs like group meetings, individual clinical sessions, peer accountability, and health education  is essential to addiction recovery.  

Our recovery center for addiction treatment offers a customized treatment program that addresses the physical, mental, social, and spiritual wounds caused by alcohol and drug addiction. Our addiction recovery program includes:

1. Biblical Teaching

At our addiction recovery center, we consider faith as a catalyst to permanent change. We believe that the Word of God offers clear guidance to find compassion, acceptance, and purposeful living. We host regular sermons and bible studies where our residents can listen and reflect on the teachings of God.

2. Drug Detoxification

While we emphasize spiritual healing in our recovery program, we also recognize the importance of medical interventions in resolving addiction. Our treatment program involves drug detoxification—the process of completely emptying the body of drugs or alcohol and their remnants.

3. Mental Health Therapy

We also believe that having a strong foundation of support is essential during recovery. At our addiction treatment center, we offer group and individual counseling programs to empower and guide residents struggling with addiction and relapse. We also give them time to share their success stories to encourage one another.

4. Withdrawal Symptom Management

Our addiction rehabilitation center offers spiritual and clinical programs focused on safely managing withdrawal symptoms and preventing patients from resorting back to substance abuse. We educate our residents on some habits and things that can help them refrain from using substances of abuse.

5. Life Skills Training

We offer programs and activities to teach our residents some life skills necessary to help them integrate back into society. We give recovering men the opportunity to work at our thrift stores, where they can acquire new skills, observe discipline, build relationships, and work towards a common goal.

Begin Your Recovery at Haven House Recovery Center

It is never too late to fight addiction, bring change to your life, and maintain lifelong sobriety.

At Haven House Recovery Center, we pride ourselves on providing customized care for all our residents. We help our patients recover from addiction and bear long-term success in mind. Give us a call today!