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Overcome addiction and achieve complete sobriety through Haven’s House’s addiction recovery in Nashville, TN.

Over 19.7 million American adults are currently battling substance addiction, and many of these are males over 12 years old who will likely go on to become constant drug and alcohol abusers.

Those who abuse drugs and alcohol experience a temporary sense of freedom and happiness, but this sense soon gives way to feelings of guilt and misery. As the addiction worsens, users become trapped in the addiction cycle.

Drug and alcohol abuse leads to feelings of isolation and loneliness. Addicts perceive themselves as unlovable, unforgivable, and worthless. To cope with these feelings, they turn to drugs or alcohol, completing the addiction cycle.  

At Haven House Recovery Center, our addiction treatment in Nashville includes a 12-step residential program that provides medical and spiritual support to help men overcome addiction and live a life of permanent sobriety. 

Benefits of a Faith-Based Addiction Treatment Plan

Aside from the physiological and psychological impacts, drug dependency also has a detrimental effect on the spiritual lives of users. Drug abuse alienates you from God, which is why Haven House makes faith a critical element of its addiction recovery program.

Alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs at Haven House Recovery Center include spirituality as a core tenet of the healing and recovery process. Our drug and alcohol rehab center helps victims find remission through social, emotional, and spiritual healing. Here are other significant benefits you can gain from our faith-based addiction recovery program:

1. Relapse Prevention

The National Institute of Drug Abuse reported that 40% to 60% of patients experience relapse during or after their rehab program. Those who relapse while participating in the program will often experience shame and regret. They feel as if they have let themselves and everybody else down, which discourages them from completing the recovery program.

A study from the Journal of Religion and Health looked into the impact of faith and spiritual awakening in preventing patients from falling back to substance abuse. The study identified a direct correlation between those who let God into their lives and increased potential for abstinence.

Faith-based rehab centers address negative emotions through scripture-based encouragement and medical intervention. Our scripture-based rehab program reminds patients they are not alone and that God’s love will always be there to provide support and strengthen them in their journey to permanent recovery. 

2. Positive Reinforcement and Encouragement

The road to addiction recovery is long and often paved with challenges that make the journey difficult. No matter how diligent patients are in practicing sobriety, there’s still a chance that, at some point, they will surrender to temptation.

At our faith-based rehab centers, there’s no judgment involved for those who relapse.  Help and encouragement focused on transitioning back to recovery are always available. In the same way, the efforts that patients make to achieve drug-free lives—may they be big or small—are valued and recognized.

If you’re struggling with drug or alcohol cravings, remember that this is a normal part of addiction recovery. If you relapse, use this as a learning tool to enhance your prevention plan and get back on the road to sobriety with hope and determination.

3. Support and Accountability

Loneliness, depression, and isolation drive patients to seek temporary relief with substance abuse. Newly sober men often feel unloved and neglected. This is why building a solid support network is important in recovery.

Loneliness, depression, and isolation can drive patients to substance abuse. Newly sober men often feel unloved and neglected, and this is why building a solid support network is an essential part of any recovery. At our faith-centered rehab, drug dependents are surrounded by people who share the same life experiences and have the same desire to pursue sober lives.

The support group at our alcohol and drug rehab in Nashville, TN, represents a safe space where residents can freely air out their fears and emotions. An honest and understanding environment such as this is key to successful recovery.

4. Holistic Life Changes

Setting goals towards independence from drugs and alcohol is essential but is only a first step to addiction recovery. Recovery also requires having a proactive attitude, making lifestyle changes, and gaining healthy habits.

Our alcohol and drug rehab in Nashville, TN, focuses on changing patients’ perspective on recovery. Faith-based programs start by encouraging patients to acknowledge their mistakes and realize that they still have a chance to make peace with their past.

5. Emotional Strength

People struggling with drug addiction face heightened emotional challenges, including sadness, worthlessness, anger, and anxiety. Learning to cope with negative emotions and stressful environments is essential to overcoming drug dependence.

A faith-based program implemented at our drug and alcohol rehab in Nashville addresses such trigger relapse issues. By integrating scriptural teachings and therapy, we teach patients how to develop coping mechanisms and emotional strength, enabling them to face stressful and challenging situations better.

Our addiction and recovery program focuses on promoting emotional wellness and how to apply this in every area of life. Emotional wellness is a critical part of overcoming guilt and moving towards permanent recovery.

Our Approach to Addiction Recovery in Nashville

Practicing faith is a vital component of our recovery plan because it deals with the mental, spiritual, physical, and social facets of life that drug and alcohol addiction adversely affects.

At Haven House Recovery Center, we believe that the power of faith can motivate patients to achieve sobriety, reduce the risk of relapse, and make meaningful life changes. We emphasize this throughout our program for drug and alcohol rehab in Nashville, TN.

1. We emphasize the importance of friendship and reality.

To overcome drug and alcohol addiction requires a connection outside the users’ world. They need a friend who can show them the reality of their problems and the truth about themselves.

At Haven House, we realize that no one can truly grow and progress without support, and that’s why we developed a faith-based drug and alcohol rehab in Nashville that focuses on reconnecting users to society, and God.

Our drug and alcohol rehab in Nashville, TN, includes group meetings that provide support, a connection with reality, and accountability. We also initiate various social activities, avoiding boredom and promoting stronger ties among the residents.

2. We promote spiritual improvement.

At Haven House, we encourage prayers, scriptural readings, and meditation. We believe that the word of God offers guidance and encouragement, inspiring users to hold on to their faith and help them through even the most difficult parts of their treatment.

At our drug and alcohol rehab in Nashville, TN, spiritual reflection is encouraged as we conduct our discussions in a group of like-minded peers. The peer group setting makes the process fluid and inspires residents to devote their lives to God.

3. We take a spiritual approach and combine it with work therapy.

At Haven House, we combine a spiritual recovery program with a work therapy program, enabling residents to work as helpers in our thrift stores. This combination teaches residents the value of hard work, discipline, time management, and teamwork.

The work residents do in the thrift stores prepares them to become functioning and contributing members of society. Haven House rehabs in Nashville, Tennessee, offer fun and healthy activities that keep residents thinking positively and help prevent relapse.

Why Choose Haven House Recovery Center

Haven House Recovery Center’s program for alcohol and drug rehab in Nashville, TN, focuses on spiritual healing. We believe that recovery is possible with the grace and strength of God. Our Christ-based approach addresses the many aspects of addiction, incorporating elements that heal not only the body but also the mind and the spirit.

Our program for drug and alcohol rehab in Nashville incorporates universal principles, and we welcome all people with different religious beliefs. We are focused on Christ-based healing, but we do not impose our religion or brand of spirituality on our residents. 

Helping people for more than a decade.

For more than a decade, Haven House Recovery Center has been providing a safe and comfortable place for men struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. We developed a systematic, evidence-based treatment program tailored to our residents’ medical history, lifestyle, and health status.

Our compassionate and supportive team for drug and alcohol rehab in Nashville, TN, is dedicated to helping drug and alcohol dependents restore their stability and rekindle their relationship with people, especially their families.

Our Faith-Based Addiction Recovery Program

While faith and hope are essential aspects of treatment in our Nashville alcohol rehab and drug addiction recovery plan, we recognize the need to promote medical-assisted detoxification and behavioral therapy to manage a patient’s withdrawal symptoms.

Our Nashville alcohol rehab and drug addiction recovery center provides medical and psychological treatments that may include:

  • Drug and alcohol detoxification
  • Individual and group behavioral therapy and counseling
  • Medication management for withdrawal symptoms
  • Training for skill improvement and emotional coping

Everyone seeking help to overcome their drug or alcohol addiction is welcome to experience our program for addiction recovery in Nashville. We aim to help every recovering patient find his own spiritual path to addiction recovery.

Find peace of mind in our addiction recovery center.

Addiction recovery rooted in faith and spiritual healing can help victims achieve life-long sobriety.

Fighting addiction can be a difficult choice for anyone. Here at Haven House Recovery Center, we believe that men struggling with drug and alcohol addiction can still have a place in society. Contact us today for a free assessment, and we’ll do our very best to find a program that suits your condition and needs.