Alcohol and drug addiction often have a devastating spiritual impact. It turns people into someone other than who they really are. Those who abuse drugs and alcohol find temporary freedom and happiness but are later on rewarded with misery and bondage. As addiction worsens, the user can become isolated, losing their connections with people and with God. Alcohol and drugs become their most intimate partners. In this destructive state, they will often see themselves as unlovable, unforgivable, and worthless. This shame leads to even deeper cycles of addiction.

There is a huge difference between bad people and bad behavior. Deliverance from addiction requires a connection to outside sources, which can help one see the reality of their problems and the truth about themselves. Haven House has rehab centers near Nashville, TN. We also offer a 12-month residential program for recovering men.

Our Approach

Our recovery house near Nashville, TN, focuses on spiritual healing. This method has been proven effective in treating alcohol and drug addiction. Our Christ-based approach addresses the many aspects of addiction, incorporating elements that heal not only the body but also the mind and spirit.

Our alcohol and drug rehabilitation program includes spirituality as a core tenet of the healing and recovery process. Treatment programs are done in a way that can be adapted to the desires and needs of every resident. Our main goal is to help them find remission through social, emotional, and spiritual healing.

We put a particular emphasis on Christ-centered, gospel solutions with work therapy. Our residents are given time to help and work in our thrift stores, where they learn new skills, the value of hard work, discipline, time management, and teamwork. These are essential for them to become functioning and contributing members of their communities in the future.

Recovery cannot happen alone. No one can truly grow and progress without connection to others. We do group morning meetings, peer accountability, and classes designed to educate our residents on the spiritual and physical harm of chemical dependency. We also do social activities at our drug rehab near Nashville, TN, to avoid boredom and promote strong social support. Participating in healthy and fun activities can help prevent relapse.

Altogether, these methods help our residents clear away the deceptive thoughts, beliefs, and feelings that underlie addictive behaviors.

Visit Haven House Recovery Center Near Nashville, TN

Though we are focused on Christ-based healing, Haven House is founded upon universal principles that can be practiced by people with different beliefs. We do not impose our religion or brand of spirituality on our residents. Everyone is welcome! We aim to help each recovering man find his own spiritual path to addiction recovery and, in doing so, respect his values.

If you’re looking for a Nashville recovery center, you might want to consider Haven House in Hartsville. We are waiting to help you and your loved ones. Contact us today for a free assessment, and we’ll do our very best to find a program that suits your condition and needs.