5 Movies About Addiction on Alcohol and Drugs

5 Movies About Addiction on Alcohol and Drugs

The road to sobriety is a concoction of several emotions and perceptions.

Movies about addiction give hope and inspiration to anyone wanting to win the battle against addiction and live a life grounded in wellness and hope.

These movies about addiction and recovery give a glimpse of the challenges to recovery. The first attempt at a sober life comes with both struggle and conscious effort to change for the better. Learn how the characters rose above their struggles from an addictive substance.

Movies About Drugs and Alcohol

These movies about alcoholism and drugs depict the reality of substance abuse disorders, including psychological distress, physical pains and broken relationships.

Here are some of them:

1. The Lost Weekend

This movie revolves around Don Birham, a writer and a long-time alcoholic. He told his girlfriend, Helen, that he is set to write a novel about his addiction journey. Don told her that he is two people: “Don the writer” and “Don the drunk.” Don says his fear of failure drives him back to the arms of alcohol. In this movie about alcoholism, Don’s cravings often hampered his road to sobriety.

His addiction was so intense that he suffered from delirium tremens. Helen found him in a delirious state. Losing hope, Don pawned Helen’s coat for a gun. Helen caught him just as he was about to end his life. He wrote “The Bottle” and dedicated it to her. This movie about alcoholism ends with him putting a cigarette in a glass of whiskey as proof that he’s done with alcohol.

2. Days of Wine & Roses

This movie about addiction to alcohol is a testament to how damaging it can be in one’s life. It shows how Joe Clay influenced his partner, Kirsten, to drink alcohol. His solution is a Brandy Alexander, a drink made up of creme de cacao and brandy.

Together, their lives turned upside down. Seeing his reflection one day, Joe told his wife that they must get sober. He got the help he needed from his sponsor and Alcoholics Anonymous. However, his attempt to help Kirsten broke his sobriety. After this incident, Joe tries again and leads a sober life — even without Kirsten by his side. This is one of the movies about addiction that showcases the sad yet real truth of a recovering addict’s journey.

3. Trainspotting

William Renton lives with his parents. He is a heroin user who regularly partakes in drug use with his friends. Trainspotting is one of the movies about drugs that shows the protagonist’s attempt to get clean, despite his friends’ influence and the widespread drug use in Edinburgh.

Renton realized the consequences of his lifestyle and decided to quit heroin use. At first, Renton was unsuccessful in his efforts, and this led him back to addiction.

Some of his friends showed no willingness to get clean. Although there were a few bumps in the road, Renton didn’t give up. He was able to walk away from this to his new life.

4. Clean and Sober

“Clean and Sober” is a movie about drug addiction and alcoholism. Clean and Sober tells the story of Daryl Poynter. He is a real estate professional whose poison is cocaine. After a night of partying, he wakes up next to a girl who died of an overdose. He also embezzled a huge amount of money from his company, which pushed him to go into hiding.

With little to no money left and no one to ask for help, Daryl checked into a drug rehabilitation program he heard on the radio. He received his 30-day sobriety chip and shared his story in front of the other members.

5. When a Man Loves a Woman

Alice and Michael is the picture of a happy family. However, Alice’s drinking broke the seemingly perfect dynamic they have. An accident at home led them to decide that Alice should enter a rehab facility. Alice’s journey to sobriety wasn’t easy, but she was able to adjust.

When she returned home, Michael wasn’t happy with the change in her personality. She became cold and aloof. They decided to seek therapy to address their marital problems. Although there were bumps on the road, Michael and Alice rekindled their love for one another.

How to Overcome Addiction

These movies about addiction testify to what drugs can do to your life. If you’re struggling with addiction and want to start anew, here’s how to get started:

1. Choose to change your life.

The common denominator among these alcohol and drug addiction movies is the protagonists wanting to have an addiction-free life. Once you acknowledge your addiction, you will know that there’s a need for change.

You may need to let go of your friends who have the same lifestyle. Throw out the paraphernalia or anything that may trigger your cravings.

2. Seek help from loved ones and support groups.

In drug movies, the protagonist always has someone they lean on for support. That’s also the case in real life. Of course, it’s a difficult step to rebuild relationships and reach out to your loved ones. However, their support is vital in your recovery. Apart from that, you may also seek help from AA and NA groups.

3. Talk to a health care professional.

You may experience withdrawal symptoms, just like the character in “The Lost Weekend,” which is a movie about alcoholism. Your doctor may prescribe medications to alleviate them. They will also offer support as you detox.

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