Haven House Addiction Recovery – A Journey Toward a New Life After Treatment

No one plans to become addicted to alcohol or drugs, but it happens. If you or someone close to you is having problems with addiction, finding the right recovery center is crucial. Without the treatment and guidance, addiction can take a devastating toll on a person’s life and create a trap from which escape is quite difficult.

Many treatment facilities focus on medical detox, which is an effective way to treat addiction. However, one missing critical element that should not be overlooked is faith-based treatment programs.

At Haven House Addiction Recovery, we help men recover from addiction by offering a 12-month residential program. We offer a suitable environment with complete basic and recreational facilities to keep residents comfortable and enriched during their treatment and recovery.We’ve been in business since 1998 and have said hello and goodbye to numerous graduates who are still in long-term sobriety today.

Our Approach

We approach addiction from a spiritual perspective. Our Christ-centered programs are in conjunction with clinical practice guidelines. We help change our residents for the better by helping them grow spiritually through recovery. We strongly believe that it is important to combine the spiritual component with other programs like education, individual clinical sessions, group morning meetings, and peer accountability.

We also have thrift stores that offer work therapy opportunities for our recovering men. These help them learn and develop new skills, practice discipline, value hard work, build relationships, and work toward a common goal. This program will help them become contributing members of the community as soon as they graduate.

Why Do Christ-Based Programs Work?

In our greatest defeats and shortcomings, God gives us some of life’s most valuable lessons. While many do not see how addiction can have a positive side, opening your hearts to the love and support of God while in recovery can give you a new perspective.

Hopelessness and despair are common among people who have developed an addiction, and it is important for them to know that they are not alone. When one learns to let go and let God take control of his life, the situation will change in a powerful way. With the help of professionals and co-residents, understanding that God can change the direction of your life will motivate you to put your addiction behind you.

All Are Welcome

Our addiction recovery center in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida welcomes men from all walks of life. If you are seeking that spiritual connection during treatment, then Haven House Addiction Recovery is the best facility for you. We stand by the guidelines that all are welcome no matter your religious affiliation.
Man reading bible

We pride ourselves in providing customized care for all residents and our Christ-centered programs allow us to treat everyone with long-term success and growth in mind. By combining spiritual with traditional clinical therapies, we help our residents fully heal and recover from addiction.

Each day that you remain addicted to alcohol or drugs makes it harder to heal. It’s never too late to take the leap of faith and start your journey to recovery. Our team is more than willing to work with you and help you find hope and peace during this stressful part of your life. We will stand by you at every step until you have rebuilt the inner strength needed to live out a successful life with your family and friends!