10 Therapeutic Activities You Can Do During Recovery

10 Therapeutic Activities You Can Do During Recovery

When you or someone you know is a recovering addict, it is important to keep your mind and body moving. Even mundane activities can have a great therapeutic value. When viewed from the right perspective, these activities could become a way to connect with themselves and the people around them. It could be a good way to keep the mind of a person going through a tough recovery healthy.

Therapeutic activities can make a huge difference in the recovery of an addict. Drug and alcohol addiction requires coping mechanisms that will enable them to manage stress and cravings. There are substance abuse group activities, behavioral therapies, and family therapies that can help the recovering process. However, it is best to treat addiction recovery with an effective approach to treat the mind, body, and spirit.

In this article, we will list down some of the best therapeutic activities you can do during recovery.

1. Journaling

Writing in a journal is a habit that has been proven to be helpful to those dealing with mental health problems. Not only does it take your mind off everything, it also allows you to channel your thoughts into your writing and process your emotions better. Journaling is helpful for recovery because it allows a recovering addict to see their mental and emotional situation.

2. Painting

Painting is very therapeutic because it requires a person to focus on what they are doing at the moment. It can also be a creative way to express someone’s feelings.

3. Scrapbooking

Making art is also helpful to people in recovery because it inspires productivity. Being able to start and finish an activity is the best form of encouragement for anyone.

4. Go for a Walk

Going outside for a walk is a normal activity that can really impact a person. It is the best way to clear your mind and focus on your environment. You can make a list of everything you see during your walks, like the trees, leaves, flowers, and clouds. It’s a way to get to feel the air against your skin and enjoy nature.

5. Cooking

Cooking can be therapeutic and might as well be one of the most fun things to do in recovery. It encourages expression and mindfulness. Being able to cook a full meal can also be rewarding because you get to see other people enjoy the meal you prepared. Cooking is healthy for a recovering addict because it nourishes the body and keeps the mind at ease.

6. Meditate

Meditation is a common addiction recovery activity. It is the practice of silencing one’s mind and clearing it from any distractions in order for the person to focus on their well-being. It allows a person to reach a state of peace and relaxation, and it promotes spiritual growth.

7. Write a Letter

The best way for someone to express themselves in a meaningful way is to write a message. It can be a therapeutic experience to anyone because it lets them focus on their own thoughts and think about what they love about the person they care about. Whether they want to give the letter to someone or not, the process of writing their feelings and gratitude for another person is enough to make them feel loved and grateful for what they have.

8. Progressive Muscle Relaxation

As one of the addiction recovery activities, progressive muscle relaxation is a very helpful technique to relax and have better sleep. The process includes focusing on your muscles from your head down to your toes. Focus on the way your whole body and all of your muscles feel as you relax your body. Through progressive muscle relaxation, you can effectively calm all your nerves down and focus your mind on how your body feels.

9. Write a List of What You Are Thankful For

Making lists is a good way to focus someone’s mind on one important subject. It can also be a great way to control and gather your thoughts. Writing a gratitude list is a therapeutic activity that encourages positive thoughts and an overall better outlook of life. It is the best way to focus on the positive things that have happened in the life of a recovering addict despite all the struggles they are going through.

10. Read a Book

Reading allows you to get lost in a world different from yours. You can read to educate yourself more about a certain topic and widen your view about things you are interested in. Reading is a great way to distract your mind and practice your focus and tolerance on doing something different.

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