How Users Get High on Norco Pills, the Many Risks Involved, and Rehabilitation

How Users Get High on Norco Pills, the Many Risks Involved, and Rehabilitation

In 2010, approximately 2.4 million people in the US tried drugs like Norco recreationally for the first time. While Norco pills have been proven to be safe and effective for pain relief when taken at recommended doses, cases with side effects are always cropping up due to an ever-increasing number of misuse cases.  

Can Norco Get a User High? 

When discussing how to get high on Norco, it helps to understand its mechanism of action. Is Norco an opioid? Yes, Norco contains an opioid pain reliever, hydrocodone, along with acetaminophen.

Norco pills work by binding to mu opioid receptors in the brain. They weaken or block pain signals. They also facilitate the release feel-good sensations, which encourages people to use the drug more often.

Often, when users try to quit or decrease the amount they are taking, they discover how dependent their bodies have become on this painkiller. After regular use, Norco’s action greatly affects the frontal cortex, which weakens a person’s ability to make sound decisions and regulate their mood.

Norco is available in different doses, and each has its own speed of taking effect. How long does Norco stay in your system? It typically depends on the dose and your individual metabolism and may affect its overall efficacy. Drug combinations and concomitant use of other substances like alcohol may also heighten Norco’s euphoric effects.

How Norco Can Make You High 

It is possible to get high on Norco by increasing the dosage and taking it in ways other than its prescribed administration. These are done to feel the effects of the drug faster, as it reaches the system more quickly by bypassing first-pass metabolism.


Many people crush this drug and heat it on a foil, then inhale. This offers a faster way for the drug to take effect as it passes directly into the bloodstream via the nose and the lungs. However, binders and fillers that are used to create the pill are inhaled too. If done regularly, the user faces the risk of lung disease.


Some people snort Norco pills. Similar to smoking, the drug is crushed into a powder form and inhaled through the nose. However, this method of administration increases one’s risk of infection and injury to the nasal pathways, septum, and other surrounding tissues.


Shooting is also popular in Norco recreational use. As for the preparation, shooting this drug also starts with crushing it into a powder form. This will be dissolved in water and injected into a vein or underneath the skin. This method presents a greater risk of overdose because a higher dose of the drug is introduced and absorbed faster by the body.


“Lean” refers to a cocktail drink containing Norco, an antihistamine or cough syrup, and a beverage. Most people use sodas and fruit juices for flavoring. Drinking lean cocktails offers a faster and longer euphoric effect, but never without risks. Drinking too much lean can cause excessive dizziness and breathing problems.

What Are the Dangers of Getting High on Norco? 

People who take Norco pills for medical reasons are at risk of low blood pressure, low heart rate, and respiratory depression. These effects are intensified among users who use Norco pills for recreation or above the recommended dosage. Asthmatic patients or those with other respiratory problems are often given an over-the-counter substitute for Norco to avoid long-term health risks, such as pulmonary dysfunction, which may lead to pneumonia. Liver damage or failure, which can be highly fatal, is also common among abusers.

Recreational Use of Norco and Addiction 

Norco pills, despite being prescription drugs, are made affordable to the public through discounts and coupons. With easy access to affordable Norco pills, recreational use has become common. Getting high on prescription drugs like this is both illegal and dangerous!

Someone who has developed a Norco addiction needs immediate medical intervention. One can get off Norco by starting with abstinence. Unfortunately, the withdrawal process can be difficult. To help mediate withdrawal symptoms, one may need guidance from a medical health professional during detoxification.

Aside from clinical treatment, continuous recovery should be done in a recovery center that offers the best drug rehab programs. Therapies will help users address the problems that caused their behaviors and learn coping skills for long-term sobriety.

At Haven House Recovery Center, we approach addiction from a spiritual perspective. Our Christ-centered programs are in conjunction with clinical practice guidelines. We help to change our residents for the better by helping them grow spiritually through recovery. We strongly believe that it is important to combine the spiritual component with other programs like education, individual sessions, group morning meetings, and peer accountability.

We also have thrift stores that offer work therapy opportunities for our recovering men. These help them learn and develop new skills, practice discipline, value hard work, build relationships, and work toward a common goal. The aim of this program is to help them become contributing members of their communities as soon as they leave the facility. If you need help with Norco addiction and is looking for a Murfreesboro recovery center, you may want to check Haven House in Hartsville, TN.