Everything You Need to Know About Teen Drug Abuse and How To Prevent It

Everything You Need to Know About Teen Drug Abuse and How To Prevent It

Nowadays, many teens love to explore and try different things. One of which are drugs. As teens are still learning about different aspects of their lives, such as their interests, goals, likes, and dislikes, it is imperative that every parent knows the signs, effects, and preventive measures of teen drug abuse.

Why Do Teens Abuse Drugs?

There are many factors that can contribute to why teens abuse drugs. Since teens are in that part of their life where they seek belonging, they resort to doing things out of peer pressure.

However, there are also other reasons that might cause teens to use drugs. Some of which are the following:

  • Mental health issues such as anxiety and depression
  • Trauma
  • Broken relationships
  • Low self-esteem
  • Curiosity
  • Stress and struggles

Which Teens are at a Greater Risk of Abusing Drugs?

Many people have been asking the question, “Which teen has the greatest risk of abusing drugs?”

It is hard to tell which teens are at a greater risk of being addicted to drugs since every teen is different. However, research and studies have shown that teens are likely to use drugs during the transitional periods of their lives.

For instance, teens transitioning from middle school to high school can be more exposed to different addictive drugs. During that period, teens are also seeking social acceptance from classmates, friends, schoolmates, etc. So, the risks of them using drugs are greater.

Moreover, teens between the ages of 12 and 17 are prone to teen prescription drug abuse because they think prescription drugs are safer than other drugs. In fact, approximately 1.5 million teens in America were found out to abuse prescription drugs, according to the 2018 National Survey on Drug Abuse and Health.

Recognize the Signs of Teen Drug Use

Since it was mentioned that there are teens who are at a greater risk of using drugs, it is essential to recognize the signs of teen drug use for parents to consider taking preventive measures as early as possible.

Here are some of the most common signs to watch out for:

  • Rebellion
  • Withdrawal from family members
  • Evident changes in sleeping pattern, diet, appearance, and performance in school
  • Apathy
  • Frequent misjudgments
  • Irresponsibility

Keep in mind that these are the most common signs. There are also other signs that can be observed in teens’ behaviors.

Effects of Teen Drug Abuse

Teen drug abuse can affect many aspects of teens’ lives, whether it be in their decision-making or their physical health. For that reason, prevention is the best option. Once it continues for an extended period, the effects can be more severe than one would imagine.

One of the effects of continuous drug abuse is addiction. As we all know, addiction will lead to other issues such as concentration-related problems, memory loss, psychotic behaviors, and many more.

Another effect of drug abuse is having serious health problems. Different drugs can cause different health issues. For example, cocaine increases the risk of stroke and heart attack, while ecstasy increases the risk of heart failure.

Moreover, drug abuse can also damage the body’s internal organs. So, it is crucial that teens are dissuaded from using drugs.

Preventive Measures

Fortunately, teen drug abuse prevention is now proliferated all over the internet. You can search for preventive measures which you think will be effective, but let us share with you some of our recommended ones.

1. Talk to your teens

The first preventive measure you can do at home is to talk to your teens. Discuss with them some of the effects of being addicted and why they should not use drugs. In addition, discuss some of the things they can do to avoid being pressured by their peers at school or in your neighborhood.

2. Know your teens’ friends and activities

Another preventive measure is to know your teens’ friends and be aware of their activities. If some of their friends are using drugs, you must warn your teens to avoid them as much as possible.

Moreover, try to know the activities of your teens outside the home. If they are involved in different extra-curricular activities, support them so they would remain on the right track.

3. Be a role model

One of the best ways to prevent your teens from using drugs is to be a role model. If you drink alcoholic beverages, make sure that you don’t do it excessively. Also, do not use drugs if you want them to listen to what you say.

4. Develop your relationship in the family

Having a close relationship in the family is also another way to prevent your teen from using drugs. Encourage them to be open about everything. Moreover, plan some activities for you to get to know them more.

You can also develop a deeper relationship with your teens if you acknowledge their achievements. So, try to do it more rather than always giving them lectures.

5. Monitor their prescription drugs if there are any

Since it was mentioned above that prescription drug abuse is also common to some teens, monitor their prescription drugs and make sure they follow the recommended dosage.

6. Seek help from professionals

If you think that you need to seek help from professionals, do so. This is the best option you have when all the other preventive measures are not effective for your teens.

Prevent Drug Addiction

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