8 Fun Sober Activities to Try This Spring and Summer

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8 Fun Sober Activities to Try This Spring and Summer

Plan a beach trip with your friends.  

Since summer is coming soon, our first fun sober activity includes planning a beach trip with your friends. You probably have not seen them very often during your treatment and it would be a great way to rekindle your relationship with them. Additionally, having a short trip to the beach will not only keep you sober and clean but also lets you boost your endorphins as you relax with people closest to your heart.

Enjoy some barbecue.  

Another activity to do to stay sober is enjoying some barbecue with your siblings or family. All you need is a grill rack and anything you want to cook. Or, if you are feeling a little lazy, why not eat out at some great barbecue places. You can also opt for a picnic at the park with your significant other and bond while eating barbecue.

Do a Spring cleaning.  

If you feel like cleaning for spring, then this is the sign you are waiting for. Do a spring cleaning session with your family or friends and turn it into a fun sober activity. You can begin with your room. If you are still feeling the energy to clean some more, you can proceed with doing the dishes or other chores at home. Trust me. A clean space will also give you a clear mind.

Give yoga a try.  

One of the best activities to do to stay sober is yoga! With this, you can start clearing your thoughts and take care of your body as well. Yoga is also great for relieving stress, meditating, and learning how to focus your thoughts, which are all beneficial for anyone who wants to stay sober. If you have no idea where to start, you can always look at Youtube tutorials on how to do the basic yoga exercises. After that, you can start exploring some yoga classes in your area to level up your whole experience.

Start hiking outdoors when you can.  

Are you tired of staying at home? Give yourself a break by going outdoors! This sober activity is also a good exercise! You can start with hiking on short trails if you are still a beginner, then proceed to climb longer trails with your friends once you have mastered the art of hiking. You guys can also try camping out in the mountains and breathe the fresh air without worrying about the rest of the world.

Try gardening.  

Did you know that gardening is yet another fun, sober activity you can do while staying away from temptations? Consider this activity, and you will truly learn to appreciate nature so much more. You can begin by taking care of succulents and then moving on to planting seeds and growing them.

Learn how to golf or swim.  

If you still do not know how to swim, it is probably time for you to learn that skill. Swimming is one of the fun sober activities you can do during Spring and Summer. You can practice swimming at the nearest pool in your area or opt for an actual class where you can learn firsthand the basics of swimming. Another great skill to learn during Spring is golf. You can start practicing your swings in your backyard with an inexpensive club and golf ball.

Explore your artistic side.  

You might be asking, “What do sober people do for fun?” Well, the answer to that question is painting and drawing, or anything you can do to unleash your creativity and artistic side. You can begin drawing using an old pencil and a piece of bond paper lying around your house, or start learning how to paint with the help of different tutorials found on the internet. Explore your artistic side and divert your attention from wanting to drink to creating art instead.

Bonus: Volunteer for a non-profit organization.  

What do sober people do for fun? Others like to do charities! Did you know that you can try volunteering for a non-profit organization, whether it is your local rehab center, an animal advocates association, and more? Whichever piques your interest, as long as you are engaged with other people and supporting them.

In the end, choose a fun sober activity for Spring and Summer that you are most comfortable with. After that, you can start going outside the box and enjoy other activities you can do to stay sober. If you know anyone suffering from alcohol and drug addiction, feel free to seek help from Haven House, a recovery center around Murfreesboro. We have the friendliest and most professional hospitable staff who are willing to give a hand to men who are in need of help. Contact us soon!

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