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Addiction Treatment and Therapy

A Day in a Drug Rehab

The Drug Rehab Facility and Process  A treatment center for substance use disorders or rehab is a facility that specializes in drug rehabilitation. The purpose

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What We Eat Affects How We Feel

While specific organs bear the brunt of the damage caused by addiction, drugs and alcohol have a harmful influence on your whole body. Reversing the

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Men and Mental Health Stigma

While the month of the Mental Health Awareness has passed, the mental health of everyone should still be discussed. And while there has been significant

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Addiction Info

Addiction in Older Adults

When most people think of substance misuse and addiction, they see young adults. While it is true that young people have a higher risk of

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Drug Facts

Commonly Abused Prescription Drugs

When prescription or over-the-counter drugs are used for non-medical reasons, they can cause significant health problems such as addiction, dependency, overdose, and death. According to

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Addiction Therapy

Cigarette Smoking and Relapse

Anyone can experience a smoking relapse. You could have lasted a few months without smoking and felt great about it. Then you ask a friend

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