Drug Rehab Clarksville - Haven House Drug Rehab Center

For nearly 22 years now, Haven House Mission has been supporting men in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. Similar to other rehab centers in Clarksville, we offer Christ-centered programs relying on God’s power to help individuals work through their pains and fears in different phases. We are concerned with the body, mind, and spirit of those who come to our facility.

How We Approach Recovery

The addiction problem is a complicated one to solve. It’s rooted in physical, spiritual, and emotional causes. Faith plays a huge role in healing the wounds that substance abuse has created, and Haven House Recovery Center understands that through faith, miracles do happen and lives can be transformed. Recovery is never easy, but with faith in God and the help of genuinely concerned people, it is within reach for every person who wants to make the effort.

If you are looking for a recovery house in Clarksville that is different from other traditional centers, you may want to check out our facility in Hartsville, TN. Our main focus is on Christ. Our programs emphasize the power of God’s word and the Holy Spirit to give our residents a guiding light. We encourage them to strengthen their faith. We instill Biblical teachings during our classes and group meetings.

Our residential program lasts for 12 months. This gives our residents enough time to completely heal and think about who they can be without depending on alcohol and drugs. They are able to create a real and meaningful connection with God.

Our alcohol and drug rehab near Clarksville also offers fellowship and work therapy. Residents are able to share with others their struggles in a comfortable and safe setting, which plays a vital role in the journey to sobriety. The camaraderie they share gives reassurance and comfort.

They spend time in our thrift stores. This work therapy helps them develop new skills and practice patience, discipline, hard work, and teamwork. This kind of work opportunity likewise helps them become functioning and contributing members of their families and society.

What Makes Us Different?

Like in any other Clarksville recovery center, men who are not Christians are also welcome in our facility in Hartsville. Our staff is very accommodating and open-minded. They will not try to force people into any belief, but they will prove by example how Christ and faith can help them overcome addiction long-term. Our team is passionate about seeing addicts heal and restore stability in their lives and in their relationships with their families. We are dedicated to spreading the message that recovery is possible, regardless of who you are or how bad your addiction is.

If you are struggling with alcohol or drug addiction or know someone who is looking for drug rehab centers in Clarksville that are open to embracing all religious beliefs, recommend us at Haven House in Hartsville, TN. Contact us today to begin your healing process!