*The minimum number of candles per order must be 12 to proceed to checkout. Please know that your purchase helps support Haven House Recovery. Thank you!

Handmade Rescue Candles


We offer a variety of handmade soy wax candles.  Each candle is poured, scented, and labeled by a man in recovery; and each candle purchased supports a man in recovery.  Our candles are scented with pure  essential oils and fragrances.  Our handmade candles are made weekly with a unique recipe by the residents at Haven House.

* We accept a minimum order of 12 candles at $4 each

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* We accept a minimum order of 12 candles at $4 each

Our scented candles include:

  • High Tide – A blend of Floral, Citrus, and Jasmine
  • Lemongrass – A blend of Lemongrass and Lemon zest
  • Bay Breeze – Eucalyptus and spearmint
  • Grayton Beach Charm – Nag Champa and a delicate floral
  • Blue Mountain Bliss – A unique blend of Floral, Pine, and Citrus
  • Morning Coffee – Fresh Coffee
  • Seaside Beach Sunset – Sandlewood, teak, fruit
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High Tide, Lemongrass, Bay Breeze, Grayton Beach Charm, Blue Mountain Bliss, Morning Coffee, Seaside Beach Sunset, Watercolor Dreams, Blue Mountain Bakery