Why Addicts Lie to Their Loved Ones

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Why Addicts Lie to Their Loved Ones

Addiction is a chronic, psychological, or compulsive need for a substance. Having an addiction makes an individual lie or fabricate stories to hide their substance abuse. Drugs or alcohol affects a person’s brain and behavior. Addicts usually don’t see the negative impact that substance abuse has on their lives until it’s too late.

“Do drug addicts lie?” you might be thinking. The answer to that is yes. Family and friends may feel frustrated over the sudden changes in the person they love. Addicts can’t help but lie over and over again. There are various reasons as to why addicts don’t tell the truth, and we’re here to help you gain a better understanding of it.

How Substance Abuse Rewire An Addict’s Brain

When people do things that bring them joy and pleasure, the chemicals in the brain that make people feel good are heightened. This can make someone feel good about themselves. They’ll also feel motivated and euphoric. Alcohol and drugs target the area of the brain responsible for regulating behavior, emotions, and mood.

People who seek such effects continue to use the substance until it becomes a problem. Over time, the brain adjusts to the presence of drugs or alcohol until it can no longer activate the brain’s reward system on its own. This is when the person becomes reliant on alcohol or drugs.

As the addiction worsens, the person will seek more and more of the substance to feel good or to feel like themselves. However, it damages the part of the brain responsible for judgment and morality. Addicts fail to make sensible choices, and this is when they become remorseless liars. They’ll say and do everything to avoid the repercussions of their actions.

Addicts will also lie to continuously feed their addiction and run away from withdrawal symptoms. Now that you understand how substances can interfere with the brain’s function, you now know why addicts are addicted to lying.

Why Do Addicts Lie

There are many reasons behind an addict’s lies. Here are some of them and some things that you can try so you can better handle the situation.

1. Addicts Lie to Avoid Conflict

Drugs or alcohol have been people’s coping mechanisms from their problems, either financially, professionally, or emotionally. It might seem harmless at first until it becomes an addiction. One of the reasons addicts lie is to avoid conflict with their loved ones. They may feel like they cannot justify their addiction.

As a person who cares, you might find it hard not to confront them. However, you must try not to put the blame on the person with the substance problem. When discussing a complicated topic, try not to involve your feelings. Use facts and explain things from your own point of view.

2. Addicts Lie to Escape Negativity

People with an addiction don’t see that inaction toward solving the addiction won’t do them any good. They often believe that the problem will solve itself over time. They fall into deception when loved ones constantly remind them of the problem and criticize them for it.

The last thing they want is to have their family and friends blame them. This will only make them feel compelled to lie. Although finger-pointing can’t be helped, it will be more effective if you focus on the positive side of things instead of the worst-case scenarios.

3. Addicts Lie to Avoid Pressure

Addicts don’t like it when their friends and family pressure them to change right away. People with substance problems are often headstrong. Although they understand that addiction is not beneficial to anyone, especially to them, they stick to it because they think it works. For some, there will come a time when they realize that it’s time to change and leave addiction behind.

They’ll soon begin to try and fight the urge to avoid the consequences of substance use. They lie about the intensity of their addiction and tell you that it is not a big deal. What you can do is gather helpful information that might change their mind about seeking treatment.

4. Addicts Lie to Not Feel Empty

An addict believes that their addiction is the only thing constant in their life. They might say that they have plans to quit, but right now, they see life with a void if they stop using drugs or drinking alcohol. Refrain from nagging them about their addiction if you do not fully understand why they have fallen into it in the first place.

This will only make an addict lie to stop you from constantly trying to convince them to quit using the substance. You can talk to an addict in a calm way and tell them the good things that you want to happen once they seek treatment.

If someone in your family suffers from substance abuse and you don’t know how to tell when a drug addict is lying, it’s time to look for a trusted drug rehab near Murfreesboro. Haven House Recovery Center specializes in a 12-step Christian-based recovery program. Your loved one will soon live a substance-free life when you choose us. Contact HHRC today.

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