Is My Loved One An Alcoholic? Spotting the Signs of Alcohol Addiction

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Is My Loved One An Alcoholic Spotting the Signs of Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol has always played a dangerous role in the lives of many people. Many people all around the world use alcohol as a way to relax, celebrate, escape their problems, or bond with other people. In the U.S., it is common to find adults drinking on their days off, vacations, parties, and weddings.

Although alcohol does relieve stress and anxiety, its effects vary depending on certain factors, including:

  • The number of drinks consumed
  • The frequency of alcohol consumption
  • Age of the person drinking
  • Physical health

When consumed to excess, this consumption may lead to alcohol use disorder or alcohol addiction. This article will talk about the signs of alcohol addiction and how you can treat it.

What is Alcohol Use Disorder?

Many people have low alcohol tolerance, making it unhealthy and dangerous to consume frequently. Excessive drinking may lead to alcohol use disorder (AUD) or alcoholism. Alcohol addiction is cravings and dependence on alcohol, lack of control when consuming alcohol, and displaying negative emotions and actions when not drinking. Research shows that about 15 million people living in the U.S. are suffering from AUD.

AUD is dangerous because it may lead to other health issues such as liver damage, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, and even cancer. It can also cause problems in the individual’s personal life, such as broken relationships, job loss, and crime.

Early Signs of Alcohol Abuse

Knowing if a person has a drinking problem is not easy. An individual suffering from alcohol addiction can function properly and seem fine in their daily life despite the condition. That’s why it is important to be familiar with the early signs of alcoholism.

One of the most common signs is excessive drinking. When a person is constantly binge drinking, it may be a sign of alcohol addiction. Binge drinking is the act of drinking a large amount of alcohol at a time. For men, it means more than five drinks in two hours. For women, it means more than four drinks in two hours. However, do not mistake alcohol addiction with drinking excessively from time to time. Observe how often your loved one drinks and how many drinks they consume each time.

Alcohol Abuse Symptoms

Alcohol abuse has a lot of physical side effects. Here are some of the signs you need to look out for:

  • Lingering alcohol smell on the breath that lasts for hours after drinking
  • Excessive weight loss
  • Dry skin and brittle nails
  • Yellowish skin and eyes
  • Poor hygiene

Symptoms of Alcohol Use Disorder

AUD is a dangerous condition that may lead to more health issues. Here are some symptoms of alcohol addiction to lookout for:

  • Frequently drinking large amounts of alcohol.
  • Wanting and failing to quit or control their drinking habits.
  • Strong urges to drink all the time.
  • Having a problem handling relationships and commitments due to excessive drinking.
  • Not being able to stop drinking despite having issues with loved ones.
  • Losing interest in activities they were interested in before.
  • Getting into dangerous situations while drinking, such as driving, operating heavy machinery, and going to unsafe places.
  • Failing to quit drinking despite developing mental or physical health issues.
  • Developing a higher alcohol tolerance over time.
  • Experiencing excessive withdrawal symptoms such as insomnia, being irritable, moodiness, anxiety, depression, nausea, and frequent sweating.

Developing alcohol addiction, albeit mild, can lead to more severe issues. That’s why it is essential to seek help and proper alcohol abuse treatment early on.

Treatments for Alcohol Use Disorder

Knowing what type of treatment is best for a person suffering from alcohol addiction depends on their goals and needs. There are a lot of alcohol treatment centers available to help them achieve sobriety and a better life. The most common treatments are:

  • Detoxification and Withdrawal: Detox will help the body adjust to not drinking.
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment: Taking prescription drugs such as Vivitrol can help reduce or eliminate the strong urge to drink alcohol.
  • Counseling: Joining group or individual therapy sessions will help the patient control their impulses and manage their emotions in a professional and private environment.
  • Treatment for Medical Conditions: Medical treatment is also crucial in managing and immediately tends to health effects caused by alcohol addiction.
  • Treatment for Mental and Behavioral Disorders: Psychiatric medications are also necessary in case mental health issues occur.

Alcohol addiction is a complex condition; that’s why you must be mindful when a loved one shows one or more symptoms of AUD.

If you are looking for the right treatment center for alcohol addiction, Haven House Recovery Center is the best recovery center near Nashville. We offer treatment for alcohol addiction and other conditions such as substance and drug addiction. We can help every individual suffering from alcohol abuse and provide a better life. Let us help you, call us now.

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