Everything You Need to Know About Co Codamol Addiction

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Everything You Need to Know About Co Codamol Addiction

What Does Co-Codamol Do to Your Body?

Co-Codamol contains paracetamol and codeine, mainly used to address severe body pain, including rheumatic pain, toothaches, headaches, migraines, and neuralgia. Codeine, one of its components, triggers the dopamine release in the brain, which blocks pain messages in the central nervous system.

Co-Codamol is a prescription drug intended only for short-term treatment. Professionals often prescribe this when other painkillers have not worked. Prescription drugs are generally strong medications that everyone should take with precaution. So these precautions have to be taken seriously by the patients to avoid harmful effects to the body.

Is Co-Codamol Addictive?

Yes, it is. Codeine is an opiate analgesic that acts as a painkiller, and opioids can cause addiction if not used within the recommended period of intake. As mentioned earlier, Codeine releases a neurotransmitter called dopamine. Dopamine is known to be the “feel-good” neurotransmitter. This “feel-good” sensation takes out the pain, thus, possible addiction.

You may be wondering why doctors prescribe medications that could lead to addiction. In general, all medications have some form of risk. This risk explains why doctors conduct an overall evaluation of a patient’s health before prescribing any medication. Co-Codamol, being a prescription drug, has to be taken as advised by the doctor. While it is proven effective in relieving pain, any misuse can be harmful and outweighs the purpose of its use.

Co-Codamol Addiction

How does it start? Like other drug addictions, it begins when you depend mainly on its relieving effects, whether there is pain or not. It is more like, “I have to take this because I feel horrible when I don’t.”

Co-Codamol Addiction Symptoms

An early sign of addiction is when you look for it constantly. You feel irritable and restless when there are no tablets left, thus repeatedly asking for more prescriptions. The drug becomes a higher priority than anything else.

Aside from the psychological effect of wanting to take more than you should, you may likewise experience insomnia, nightmares, lose the sense of responsibility, and lose interest in other leisure things. Worse is, you wouldn’t mind any negative effect it brings.

Can You Overdose on Co-Codamol?

Indeed, taking too much of this poses several risks to your health. Warning signs include reduced pulse, vomiting, blue nails, blue lips, excessive drowsiness, constricted pupils, chest pain, and difficulty breathing.

Dangers to Your Health

Any misuse of Co-Codamol is detrimental to your health. If you take this in higher doses, it takes a toll on your lungs and breathing. Your breathing may slow down, leading to respiratory failure. If taken for a longer time than prescribed, liver and kidney damage can occur. What’s worse is it can also cause cardiac arrest.

Recovery and Support

Many people may not understand how one can become addicted to drugs and why people behave that way. Drug addiction is a complex disease that having the “will” to quit is not always enough. Drugs have the power to change how the normal brain works. The biggest challenge here is self-control. It affects judgment, decision-making, learning, and behavior.

Despite being a complex disease, drug addiction is treatable and manageable if done effectively. People suffering from drug addiction need professional help and should not do it on their own. The individual and professionals need to establish a structured medical plan to prevent withdrawal symptoms.

Treatment becomes effective when it addresses all the needs of the patient – not only the drug abuse. A holistic approach is essential to one’s recovery. Counseling and behavioral therapy are two critical treatments for addiction. The professionals should review the treatment plan from time to time to address the patient’s changing needs. Anxiety and depression are two conditions that need to be taken care of as well. To sum up, for a treatment plan to be successful, both the individual and professionals must carry out unconditional care with specialized treatment and follow-up actions.

Where to Seek Help?

Though we expect not everyone understands how drug addicts behave, Haven House Recovery aims to provide healing and treatment in the gentlest possible way. We pay attention to men’s physical, mental, social, and spiritual healing by providing a safe environment. We provide specialized care explicitly designed to help motivate a happy life. Our staff are all qualified and treat each patient with unconditional love and support. Located in Florida and Tennessee, the road to an effective and happy recovery starts with Haven House Recovery.

Do not lose hope in your Co-Codamol addiction. If you need a recovery center around Murfreesboro, visit our website to learn more about the programs offered. They can surely help.

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