6 Common Problems Men Encounter in Addiction Recovery

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6 Common Problems Men Encounter in Addiction Recovery

Recovering addicts usually mistake sobriety with abstinence to either drugs or alcohol. However, there’s more to maintaining a sober lifestyle. There are surprises down the road that may catch you off-guard.

It is important to know the challenges to addiction recovery, so you’re better prepared to face them. There will be moments when you’ll feel good about it. But, there will also be moments that will test you.

Haven House Recovery Center is here for you. We’re your allies in addiction recovery. Together, let’s tackle the common problems you’ll face while in recovery.

6 of Men’s Issues in Recovery

People in addiction recovery have to adjust to a new life out of the rehab facility, and maintaining sobriety comes with bouts of stress — emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Here are some of the common problems you need to know about:

1. Cravings

Adjusting to a new life without alcohol or drugs isn’t easy. One of the most common problems is dealing with substance cravings. It’s both challenging mentally and physically to fight the urge to use alcohol or drugs.

To fight cravings during addiction recovery, you have to learn how to manage them. Here are some quick steps to do it:

  • Identify your triggers.
  • Create behavioral strategies to avoid them.
  • Find ways to accept that you’re craving for the substance without giving into it.

2. Relationships

Another one of men’s issues in recovery is building new relationships and mending old ones. During the course of your addiction, your relationship with your loved ones suffers. Often, you’ll discover that you no longer have the bond you used to have while you’re in addiction recovery.

People suffering from addiction often live in a world of deception. They resort to lying and stealing. Eventually, you’ll have to make amends with people you have hurt during your addiction phase. Know that regaining their trust takes time and effort. The same goes for building new relationships.

3. Loneliness

If you’ve just gotten out of rehab, you may not have friends who don’t use drugs or alcohol. It’s also possible that your family, friends, and partner are no longer there for you. Loneliness during addiction recovery is dangerous.

It can lead to depression or anxiety, which may result in a relapse. Having people who can provide you with support, love, and care is essential as you recover. During your treatment in a recovery center, you will be attending group meetings. This can help build the confidence you need to interact with others.

4. Poor Mental Health

A person struggling with addiction may suffer from a mental disorder — be it anxiety, depression, or stress. This is called a dual diagnosis. During addiction recovery, you’ll also get treated for the mental health disorder aside from the addiction. However, you may find it challenging to apply the things you learned in your daily life.

Understand that some days are easy and other days wouldn’t be. Here are some things you can do:

  • Consult with a therapist
  • Master mindfulness
  • Learn breathing techniques
  • Find other relaxation methods

5. Financial Instability

The majority of people in addiction recovery have made decisions that affect their finances drastically. In some cases, they may have stolen, begged, or dipped into their savings to satisfy their urges. More often than not, you’ll have mountains of debts once you’re out of rehab.

Find ways to pay off your debts. Talk to your loved ones and ask for help and guidance. Tuck away a portion of your money for your day-to-day expenses. Then, develop a plan on how you can earn money to pay off the people you owe.

6. Relapse

The fact that addiction is a disease doesn’t change. A person in addiction recovery should make the decision to maintain their sobriety — every day. It’s not uncommon for a recovering addict to hit a bump and go back to square one. The thing about relapse is that it can make you feel discouraged and disappointed.

You might not see the point in continuing your journey towards addiction recovery, and you’ll feel like you have disappointed your loved ones all over again. Know that relapse is a setback, but you don’t have to let it control your life.

Get the Help You Need at Haven House

Haven House is a reputable recovery center near Nashville, TN.

We offer a 12-step, Christian-based treatment program. Our therapy sessions include church service, Bible study, group counseling, work therapy, sponsorship work, and individual counseling.

Our doors are open for men aged 18-45 seeking addiction recovery. Start anew within 12 months. During your stay at our facility, we’ll provide you with unwavering support and guidance. Visit us today!

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