5 Benefits of Choosing an All-Male Addiction Recovery Centers

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5 Benefits of Choosing an All-Male Addiction Recovery Centers

Having the courage to achieve sobriety while being open about your choices and experiences is hard enough. Finding a place to be comfortable in discussing your situation is another hurdle.

This is why Haven House Recovery Center is one of the addiction recovery centers that welcome male addicts in their pursuit of a life free of drugs and addiction. Being with people who share similar experiences with you will create an environment where you can feel more open and honest about your feelings.

Recovery Centers for Men

Addiction recovery centers often conduct specialized techniques in treating addiction. The procedures generally involve:

  • Behavioral counseling
  • Medication
  • Treatment of withdrawal symptoms
  • Treatment of co-occurring mental health issues long-term follow-up

Although it is not simple and requires determination to achieve, the goal of addiction treatment involves:

  • Stopping the addict from using drugs
  • Maintaining a drug-free life
  • Getting back to family, work, and society

However, there are factors that can influence a person’s desire to recover from drug addiction. Aside from social distractions and possible cases of relapse, one concern is not finding a support system that can give encouragement.

Addiction treatment tailored to different sets of people who have a diverse family history, past traumas, and biological issues can be a challenge. One of the benefits of an all-male addiction recovery program is that it addresses these differences effectively.

Benefits of Recovery Centers for Men

Male addicts abuse drugs differently from female addicts. A study from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) proves that there are significant biological and cultural differences in how men and women engage with drug addiction.

Haven House Recovery Center understands the complexity of recovery. We know that addiction treatment is not one-size-fits-all. If you are aiming to achieve lasting sobriety and rebuild your life, our men’s rehab center offers the following benefits:

1. Treatment focused on the needs of men

As men and women experience addiction differently, they have their own specific needs when it comes to recovery. Allowing men and women to be treated separately may reduce the hindrance brought about by social norms and keep recovering men focused on themselves and their recovery.

A male-specific program takes into consideration the effect of cultural roles and stereotypes in treating addiction. Most men on drugs who are willing to recover are often discouraged by judgment and fear of being viewed as weak. Gender-specific programs remove potential areas of discouragement such as:

  • Jealousy
  • Confusion
  • Judgement
  • Sexual tension
  • General distractions

These programs cater to the specific psychological, emotional, and social needs of men.

2. Discussion of gender-specific issues

Men and women experience specific issues that lead them to engage in substance abuse. Male addicts tend to associate with drugs because of perceived benefits such as social and mental gain.

These gender-specific issues cause men and women to respond to treatment differently. Regardless, their various encounters with drugs are significant and require specific methods of treatment to maintain long-term sobriety after leaving addiction recovery centers.

Moreover, men and women have a set of issues that they battle with which cannot be fully understood by the other. An addiction recovery center for men can eliminate possible arguments and confusion that can arise when men and women get together to discuss sensitive issues.

3. Away from potential sources of distractions

In some cases, especially during the earlier phase of recovery, distractions spring up when recovering men are around a member of the opposite sex. Having both men and women in the same recovery room can sometimes create mental, emotional, or physical sexual tension.

In an addiction recovery center for men with a few social dynamics at play, men on drugs can be more relaxed to open up as they know that they are with a company that can relate to their situation.

4. Comfortable place to express emotions

A person tends to be more comfortable with people of the same gender. When male addicts feel the connection with those around them, they are more likely to participate in the sessions and be more open to expressing their emotions.

Knowing that there are people who listen to their stories without judgment, recovering men can be more truthful and vulnerable when sharing their experiences. Although men are not often misinterpreted in mixed groups, a male-only environment can empower them and give them the courage to move forward in their treatment.

5. Deep connection of brotherhood

Recovering men on drugs often walk away from their treatment when they feel left out. This is why a support system is a key component in achieving long-term success in sobriety.

Being with people who can relate to similar life experiences leads to forming lifelong bonds, especially with younger groups of males who benefit well in a positive social group.

Younger male addicts in male teen drug addiction recovery homes find strength in this formed “brotherhood” that builds each other up and drives each other towards getting better.

We Are Here to Help You Achieve a Drug-Free Life

Whether you are in the earlier stage of addiction or already recovering, your determination to recover, coupled with the support of people around you, is essential in your journey towards long-term sobriety.

Haven House opens its doors to male addicts who are captives of alcohol and all types of drugs. We offer Christian-based programs, including church services, Bible studies, group counseling, work therapy, sponsorship work, and individual counseling.

As we focus on God’s teaching, we strive to create a nurturing haven where you can be open about your struggles. If you are one of the men on drugs battling with fear and discouragement, remember that you are not alone. We are here to listen and lend a helping hand. Get in touch with us or visit our recovery center near Nashville.

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