12 Tips to Help You Drink Less Alcohol

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12 Tips to Help You Drink Less Alcohol

Maybe you’re noticing an increase in your alcohol intake and you want to do something about it. It’s time to nip this bad habit in the bud by taking charge of it as early as possible.

Most people can successfully dial down their alcohol intake. However, it’s not an easy feat for someone who’s  in too deep. You can ask your doctor first to help you figure out ways to cut back or completely abstain from drinking alcohol. They might have some tips to help you drink less alcohol.

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) shares with you the following tips that can help you put an end to your fledgling bad habit before it soars high and becomes an addiction.

1. Write it down.

Wondering how to drink less alcohol? Grab your notebook and sit down. Think of the many factors you can think of that can motivate you to put on a limit on your drinking. You’ll be inclined to do it more if you’re seeing right before your very eyes what you’ll be reaping if you push through with your plan.

2. Have a goal.

How much drink should you have in a day? Stick to the suggested guidelines of no more than one drink a day.

3. Set days when you won’t drink at all.

If you’re used to drinking daily, you need to plot days to completely abstain. You might notice some physical manifestations of this sudden change. However, if you stick it through, you’ll notice some positive changes along the way.

4. Record your current drinking habits.

By having a drinking diary, you’ll realize how to curb drinking alcohol better. Just record your drinking habit for a month or so. Make sure it lines up with your goal. If not, you can work out ways to meet it.

5. Don’t go to bars.

If you’re thinking of how to curb drinking alcohol, don’t tempt yourself by frequenting places that are brimming with them.

6. Don’t hoard alcoholic drinks in your home.

One of the best tips to help you drink less alcohol is not to have them at home.  If you avoid bars, but you have a big stash at home, you’re likely to cave in no time.

7. Take your time drinking alcohol.

If you must drink alcohol, such as on special occasions, make sure you slowly sip your drink. It’s one of the secrets of how to drink less alcohol. Also, don’t forget to drink with food in your belly.

8. Learn how to say no.

Your friends may think it’s harmless to coerce you to drink, but if you’re serious about learning how to drink less alcohol, you need to let them know that you really want to curtail your drinking habit.

9. Seek help and support.

As mentioned earlier, quitting alcohol drinking is no easy feat. Do not tackle this task on your own. Talk to your family and friends and share with them your new undertaking. If that’s not enough, you can look for a therapist or a counselor to help you out.

10. Stay busy

One of the best tips to help you drink less alcohol is to keep yourself occupied. Learn a new hobby or go back to your old one. Taking up painting can help you channel your excess energy into something more productive.

11. Be vigilant.  

No one’s telling you to be anti-social, but make sure you have a hand in your situation. Avoid situations and people that influence your increased drinking habit, such as vacations or holidays. Also, mind your emotions. Some people are emotional drinkers. If you’re alert, you can focus your attention on something else and discover new ways to de-stress.

12. Stay consistent.

If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to pare down your drinking habits in your first attempt. This isn’t true for most people. For them, it comes after their second, third, or fourth try. You are going to encounter hindrances along the way that will have you reach out for a drink. Quitting alcohol is a continuous process, so you need to try again and be persistent.

Check your habits every once in a while to make sure that you’re doing it right. If you find yourself struggling at times, talk to a professional. Haven House, a Christ-based recovery center near Clarksville can be of great help.